Road Assistance Please!

Ferrari in Tuscany Image

When the rubber hits the road, I guess that means, we’re going somewhere! But who’s driving, and are we there yet?

How often have we mindlessly driven the same route, only to discover a “new” building that was constructed over 2 years ago? If only we could turn such a blind eye to the pain that’s been captured deep in our hearts, over time.

Truth is, denial doesn’t work for long. Eventually, it looks like a car with a flat tire and 2 broken rearview mirrors, dangling from its hinges. As much as our sorrows and regrets warrant a closer look, on the drive of our lives, we often don’t go there.

Perhaps, we falsely believe a failure in our life serves to flash a bright red spotlight with one message, “DANGER, don’t cross this line!” Overcoming the fear of dealing with our deep-seated pain within, may just be the one thing holding us back from the miles of peace intended for the ones who will courageously seek truth and healing.

Though certain experiences may have caused a U-turn or two, allow them to lead you to a better way next time. They’ve created in you wisdom by way of a quality lesson learned. Realize too, this different road you’re on now, as a result, is one you likely wouldn’t have otherwise explored. Traveling in this new direction might be the very thing that brings a blessing you never imagined possible.

Allow every missed or wrong turn to draw you closer to the Mechanic Who not only created the car but also knows exactly where to look under the hood, with all the necessary tools, to put your Ferrari back together. As you do, you’ll likely gain a greater ability to run full-speed ahead, unhindered by faulty decisions of the past.

You might consider asking Him to drive next time. He’s an expert at avoiding treacherous twists and turns. Should you come across a Wrong Turn or Do Not Enter sign, He knows exactly how to help you navigate to safer ground. The only requirement is you silence your engine long enough to listen to the Master’s infallible directions.

“Show me the right path, O LORD; point out the road for me to follow” (Psalm 25:4 NLT).