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Meet your specific health and fitness goals. Improving strength and energy, cardiovascular endurance, athletic performance, balance and flexibility, body sculpting and weight loss are just a few of the areas we specialize in.

Nutritional Guidance

From weight loss to athletic performance, learn how to eat for optimal success. We provide a comprehensive lifestyle altering set of nutritional guidelines that give lasting results.


Convenient on-site group fitness classes and online training programs for employees. Lift company morale with safe and effective group programs designed to bring health and refreshment into the workday.

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Busy days can crowd out one of the most important riches in life…our health! Save time and still enjoy the benefits of a healthy body through online training.

Behavior Change Coaching

Helping clients develop self-awareness with regard to current belief systems and therefore ways of behaving that can be transformed for goal achievement.

Soul Nutrition Blog

As three part beings encompassing body, soul, and spirit it’s important to look at other areas in your life that may be hindering your wellness journey.

Our Mission

Sozo in the greek means “to save, deliver, protect from, to heal, preserve, do well, or to be made whole.”
Our desire is that every individual pursuing health and wellness is equipped with the knowledge and understanding needed to accomplish abundant life and wholeness.

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