Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional Guidance

A comprehensive and realistic program that is easily incorporated for a well-balanced and healthful lifestyle

You will be given a generous food list of delicious and nutritious options along with a simple system of food combinations that work well to promote a wholesome and balanced diet. Other key pieces to the program include a helpful meal ideas list, protein guide, as well as essential information regarding nutrient timing, which explains the best times to eat certain foods for muscle utilization rather than fat storage.

The keeping of a daily food journal will be required for a total of 3 weeks. Tracking and logging food consumption is not a desirable long-term behavior. We do however, need to make sure you are understanding and applying the concepts you will be taught. Monitoring of your journal will take place once weekly. Upon review, you will be given suggestions and alternatives to some of the choices you have been making based on your entries. Mastering this new health-filled lifestyle is usually complete within the 3 week time frame.

All along the way, you will have the guidance and support you need to adopt this new approach to eating. Our goal is to teach you a new style of living. This is not a “diet” but rather a well-balanced nutritional program that gives reasonable guidelines, delivering an easily encompassed lifestyle of freedom and satisfaction.


Just like momma used to say
Having a hard time getting those fiber-filled, power-packed nutrients in your diet? Here’s a yummy dip one of our clients shared with us. To a container of low-fat cottage cheese, add two heaping spoonfuls of Fage zero fat greek yogurt (your protein punch). Then for some great flavor, add a small amount of a powdered ranch dressing packet you can pick up at your local grocery store. Healthy, easy, and wonderfully delicious!

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