Never Alone

Young woman using DSLR camera

Some things cannot be captured in a photo fully. It’s the, as much as humanly possible, unconditional love between one person and another. The unexpected surprise at midday, whether good like a thoughtful gift, a word of desperately needed encouragement, or the relief and excitement of a long awaited answer to prayer. Or bad, like a heart wrenching diagnosis, an unexpected break-up…leaving an ocean of scars roaring with unanswered questions, abandonment and rejection in its wake, or perhaps the sudden job loss with threats of financial ruin and loss of reputation ahead. Is it ever really bad when leaning on the Promises of a loving God, who says He will work it into a plan for good? Would someone dare ask that question of a grieving mother and father at the loss of their precious child? Faith can feel like a dripping blood soaked bandage barely holding on to our hemorrhaging wound. Our answer lies in the pursuit of learning more about the true nature of The One. Somehow…even when it’s beyond our limited understanding we carry on with only a thimble of hope as we seek Him to mend our seemingly irreparable heart. Ouch, that needle hurts! What created thing can fully lay hold of its Creator and His thoughts and plans? We can only presume ultimately a good will come. He did say that. Maybe, just maybe, even more than one good will emerge? After all, He did suffer intense agony on a cross and gave us His spotless blood, all the while, acknowledging us before we ever turned an unfaithful eye toward Him. A photo can never detail the compassion, painstakingly groomed, from a heart once devastated and shattered. Nor could it begin to express the shameless freedom and genuine laughter of an undaunted child whose yet been affected by the expectations, criticisms and judgements of a hurting world. And what about the forgiveness extended, even without an apology, knowing the dagger of betrayal would only pierce that much deeper into our own bleeding heart, if we chose a different route. We may not believe that to do so is just that…a choice. No doubt, quite often, a difficult one. None the less, our choice it is. We remind ourselves, from the classroom of humility that we’ve understood over the years, that freely we have received and so freely we give. Oh but wait…lest you see me as only a victim! I too have plunged the sharp and deeply cutting merciless sword, creating a crater of pain and brokenness in the soul of another, and another, and another. Yes, regret, that too cannot be captured…thankfully. All these, undeniably beyond full expression in a mere photo. THE greatest indescribable treasure, however, that stands above the rest and can never display itself behind the most refined of camera lenses is the all-consuming healing set ablaze from the light and fire in the very breath of God. To experience Him is to forget the pains of labor once the twinkling of your child’s eye meets yours, and yet so much more. And though I’ve heard it said that a picture paints a thousand words, this One thing, above all the others…CREATOR, cannot be documented by film for consumption by the human eye…only treasured in a heart made whole through tragedy and triumph, by a God who is only LOVE and continually promises, I will never leave you, nor forsake you.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6)