Personal Training

Personal Training

Equipping you with the motivation and guidance needed to accomplish every one of your health and fitness goals

Specifically tailored exercise programs in conjunction with nutritional guidance can accomplish results more quickly than any other approach. Your personal trainer will work with you to determine the exercise regimen that will be most effective in helping you to reach your individualized goals.

Completing a Health Assessment will be the first step in your health and fitness journey. Evaluating your current level of fitness and discussing any past physical injuries or concerns will be key considerations when tailoring a program. It is important for us to know exactly where you are in order to get you to where you want to be, this ensures safety along with maximum goal attainment.

Providing guidance in proper execution of exercises and offering corrections accordingly, as well as recommendations regarding the appropriate level of exertion, allows the valuable time you are putting into improving your wellness to be effective and worthwhile. Motivation will be provided every step of the way and you will find that your performance will exceed what you would accomplish working on your own.

Our master trainers will provide the support and reinforcement needed to make sure your momentum keeps driving forward. Utilizing a personal trainer also provides consistency and accountability which influences exercise adherence and your ultimate long-term success.

Lift those WEIGHTS

So why do we weight train anyway?
While weight lifting doesn’t burn as many calories during your workout as cardiovascular exercise does, people who weight train burn far more calories over the next several hours, also known as the after burn. Additionally, the more muscle you have, the more calories will go to that muscle tissue to keep it alive, instead of packing it in your adipose tissue (that’s right…your stomach and thighs).

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