Mix it Up and See Results!


Meet Chris! As a successful business owner and busy dad, Chris decided to make his health a priority. While working with us he lost 20 pounds all while relieving stress and gaining the strength and energy to meet life’s hectic demands. Chris accomplished his goals initially with a series of training sessions as well as participating in our Nutritional Guidance program.

One of his reasons for seeking help from a trainer was to learn new exercises to incorporate into his routine. Chris discovered that his decision to get the assistance he needed was “a great experience overall, very helpful.” He goes on to describe his trainer as “The BOSS! Mimi makes every session fun and there are always new exercises in each session.”

At Sozo Health and Fitness we avoid identical workouts since constantly keeping your body guessing produces results! Our bodies become efficient to movements we become accustomed to. This natural phenomenon leads to less caloric expenditure over time so making adjustments every session by either increasing workload, changing tempo, or even bringing in new exercises altogether leads to definitive progress and goal attainment.

Today Chris works out 4-5 times a week while proudly claiming to “still eat cheeseburgers” and has continued his weight loss efforts with a total of 40 pounds down to date. We are proud of you Chris and grateful for the opportunity to propel you into your overall success!